TA-65: Telomerase Activator – TA-65 Supplement

TA-65: We have reviewed and tested this product ourselves to confirm the activity in lab tests. Our personnel has lab tested this product with human cells using the same methods used by UCLA: The tests proved that the product activates telomerase to a statistically significant degree in human cells. Without your support we could not be able to test materials in this manner. Because we are trusted by the BBB, and by many of our worldwide customers, we ask you to purchase only from RevGenetics to support continued research and product testing.


2013 Study Released:

The study done by our RevGenetics researcher, Hector F. Valenzuela, has now been published in the Scientific Journal Cells and is found here: 

The findings allow us to certify TA-65® as a telomerase activator in cells*. Each bottle contains 30 or 90 capsules.



According to other studies on telomerase activation, telomerase:

  • Lengthens Short Telomeres
  • Repairs DNA Damage
  • Rejuvenates Aging Immune Systems
  • Increases Bone Density
  • Improves Biomarkers that Decline with Age

 TA-65 Certified:

RevGenetics Now Certifies TA-65®. To test the product, RevGenetics first purchased it anonymously; we did not receive the product free for our lab tests. After the telomerase product was lab tested with positive results, we decided to make TA-65 available to our customers. Because we believe that the TA-65® telomerase benefits can only be achieved through a 3 to 6 month use of the product, there are no returns or refunds on this product.

TA-65 Studies

We provide commentary on the latest telomerase studies as well as actual telomerase activator studies that have been done in a laboratory so that you can be informed. 

TA-65 Health Benefits

Research the health benefits behind this telomerase activator product and other related anti-aging compounds. Studies, first-hand accounts and general research make up the content of this useful section. 


Find out the important research behind the hype of TA-65. Research for yourself what exactly the health benefits are, and if they’ll help you. We provide commentary so that you remain informed. 

Side Effects

Does the product really have any true side effects? Find out for yourself by reading this this important section full of research and first-hand accounts from people who have used this safe telomerase activator.


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